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I just try to be healthy.  I don’t exercise a whole lot (I’m working on that) but I’m constantly learning about nutrition, and I want to share what  I’ve learned!  A few things about me, I’m a guy, I’m 18, and I live in American Fork, Utah.  I love gardening too, and I like to play the piano.

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Hi Kyle,
Your blog looks great! Anyone interested in nutrition is interesting to me! Gardening and piano, too, wow, you can do it all. 🙂
If you can add an email subscription option, I’ll sign up!

Thanks Kelly, you’re great! You know, I’m still trying to figure this blog out, a subscription option would be nice though! I’m generally good with computers and stuff, but this blog is sort of confusing me. Hopefully I’ll figure it out though!

i just found your blog!
good stuff…i’m interested in nutrition too…i’m gonna get back to blogging on my blog about nutrition in a few weeks (after my exams). thanks for some inspiration!
(ps also nice 2 see other young people interested in nutrition! (im 18))

I’m glad you like! I’m out of school right now, so I have more free time.

I thought I was the only person my age interested in nutrition, I’m glad I’m wrong!

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